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Emma Showers (She/Her/Hers)



Are you finding yourself feeling overwhelmed, indecisive, or powerless in various settings? Is this leaving you feeling distressed to the point that it is impacting your daily functioning? Everyone has unique life experiences that shape their perceptions and the ways in which they interpret various experiences. Sometimes, these experiences leave us feeling like there is nobody who understands what is happening to you, and unsure of how to move through it. I work with clients who have faced social injustice, systemic oppression, and trauma. I also work with those who are looking to overcome feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness through the exploration of your experiences and working towards post-traumatic growth.

My approach incorporates the understanding that the challenges we face on a daily basis take a toll on our minds and our bodies. To counter these experiences, I promote authenticity, strengths, mindfulness, and self-compassion. My approach is curious, client-centered, and aims to empower you through a strong therapeutic relationship. In session, I will journey with you toward better functioning. When I work with clients, setting goals is a collaborative process. Together, we can discuss your needs, while strengthening your ability to feel safe in your own body. I draw on my multidisciplinary professional experiences of supporting clients of a diverse age range who have experienced mental health challenges.

I have 5 years of experience working with individuals facing mental health challenges. The majority of my experiences have been in treatment centers, privately within client’s homes, crisis counselling lines, emotional support lines, mental health advocacy foundations, educational institutions, and research settings. I am currently pursuing a Master of Social Work degree from King’s School of Social Work at Western University, and under the supervision of Meghan Maynard, RP.

I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you in achieving your goals, meeting your needs, and bettering your life. If you find yourself working with me, I hope to provide you with a space in which you feel safe when exploring yourself.

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